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Did you know that this week (7th-13th Feb) is Tinnitus Awareness Week?

Tinnitus is often described as a "ringing" in the ears, but can be hissing, buzzing, droning, whirring, whistling - in fact, any kind of noise!

For most people it is mild and non-intrusive, but for some people tinnitus can be extremely bothersome. There is a known relationship between tinnitus and noise exposure, and also between stress, anxiety, depression and tinnitus, as well as links with certain medications, conditions and diseases. There is increasing evidence of a link between Covid-19 and new-onset, and exacerbation of, existing tinnitus.

Around 80% of people with tinnitus also have a hearing loss and would benefit from hearing aids for tinnitus management (as well as hearing more clearly!)

If you have tinnitus and a hearing loss, however mild, hearing aids may provide relief.

There are tinnitus apps to download, and apps to use in-conjunction with hearing aids for more control and flexibility over the hearing aid settings. Bespoke tinnitus programmes can also be added to the hearing aids as well.

Also, check out the British Tinnitus Association website ( for support, advice and further management strategies.

Please don't suffer in silence!

Contact Sam at Southwest Audiology Services on 07983 593892 for further information.

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